The yards

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The headquarters

The headquarter

The headquarter of Terranova Italian Yachts is located in Grone (BG) in a hilly area near Lake Endine, immersed in greenery.
The new facility contains the office of the CEO and the accounting, technical, sales, purchasing and customer service offices. All coordination of new projects begins at this facility.

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The production site terranova

The production site

Our new production facility was inaugurated in February 2016 and is located in the area of the Navicelli consortium in Pisa. The facility, adjacent to the freeway, can accommodate up to three yachts between 68 ‘and 115’ at the same time. Inside there are offices, changing rooms, toilets and a spacious warehouse. Different works related to internal restructuring and painting have been carried out and will be concluded with the installation of a bridge crane.

Outside, there is a large square for ground handling and possible storage for Refit works.