The Story

The only way to do great work is to love what you do

Do you remember “ We are History” song ?
Well, much of our identity lies in these simple four words.

That of Terranova Italian Yachts is, in fact, a young typically Italian history.
Although it began only in 2015, this history has strong ancient roots which fully identify with the visions, desires and passion of its initiator.
Terranova Italian Yacht was established in April 2015 when its founder, Massimigliano Zilioli, took over the shipyard of the previous management. In addition to a new name, what Massimigliano gave his company was his personal vision of the concept of business, work value, quality of results, human relationships in and out of business.
The “sourdough starter” of this choice lies in the insatiable passion for the sea that Massimigliano Zilioli has been harbouring his entire life. Born in Bergamo, far from the shores of the Mediterranean, he has always been fascinated by sea, dreaming about and finally experiencing the journeys which have led him to live the sea, study boats and conceive what is the current Terranova Italian Yachts project.
“ I’ve always loved the sea and I’ve always had a boat. Over the years, this passion has developed in me a precise philosophy which consists in living the sea by loving the contact with nature and travel”.
In the spring of 2015, when our travel began, our detailed project came alive with fast precise choices.
In the initial months, Terranova Italian Yachts inaugurated the new headquarters in Grone, near Bergamo, and the new production site in Pisa Navicelli which currently represents one among the most important international boating centres of excellence in terms of technical skills, workforce and marine culture.

The Terranova team widened with essential figures in the various departments, from designing to business strategies and the product study and renovation phase immediately began.

“ A good businessman should be able to listen”, Massimigliano Zilioli likes to say.Faithful to this approach, we started a real travel with led us to establish new relationships with Terranova trawlers owners, collect advice and reviews and perform examinations on board. The result was a wealth of information that our teams interpreted and compared with his own skills.

In the following months, our vision of a deep sober relation with the sea took shape in the project of the new Navetta T85.
Extraordinary materials, cutting-edge systems, innovative layouts and high-quality furniture were the materialisation of a new Terranova Italian Yachts philosophy which currently characterizes our entire range.

The new website that you are visiting was created and launched on line, along with the main social networks.
The new catalogues of new production were printed and distributed.
We invested in a ADV campaign, forging partnerships and publishing in major newspapers and national and international websites of the sector.
We registered our brand both at the EU and international levels, protecting and guaranteeing a completely Made in Italy product.
In 2016 we finally cast off.
Terranova Italian Yachts has recently joined the main international boat shows in Düsseldorf, Cannes, Fort Lauderdale. The contact with our customers is exciting and awards the work of our team.
The need for internationalisation leads us to define strategic partnerships with the most important European boating realities, such as Dahm International Sales and Scooner Yachts and West Yachts and Brokerage in the USA which represents our company at the Miami International Boat Show 2017.
We are history. We are proud to be so and to have written the first chapter of a travel which daily moves the horizon some miles further.