Yacht Refit & Repair

Terranova Italian Yacht

Terranova Italian Yacht carries out the following repairs and refits for each boat

Interventions Refit & Repair

  • Restructuring and transformation works
  • Mechanical interventions with authorized assistance
  • Realization and control of electrical and electronic systems
  • Carpentry in wood and teak decks
  • Interior and exterior furnishings and upholstery
  • Partial or total painting processes
  • Osmosis and anticorrosive treatment on hulls of all types and qualities
  • Refrigeration, air conditioning and insulation systems
  • Renewal of security annotations and documents
  • Transfers with test plate

Equipment available

  • Equipped shed and square 4,000 square meters
  • Drinking water and electrical outlets at each boat station

    Mechanical means of transport:
  • Motorized trolley for handling 23t payload boat with remote control
  • Boat handling trolley on request up to 300t

    Mechanical lifting means:
  • Electric platform for painting interventions
  • Electric forklift

    Mechanical assistance means:
  • Transfers by tugboat and barge
  • Equipped warehouse
  • Carpentry
  • Scaffolding for external hull work
  • Special waste collection (batteries, filters and used oils)