Terranova Italian Yacht

Among the first innovations, the T108 deserves special attention, a yacht with an unmistakable style in which the most classic and harmonious lines of the exterior, blend with a revisited concept of interior design.
The interiors, customizable at the request of the customer, are made with the best materials currently on the market and with finishes of the highest quality, following an unexpected principle of habitability and life Aboard.

It is a dislocation shuttle that, at 32 meters long, is the ideal solution for the owner in search of a boat that has an important size but at the same time is comfortable.

The arrangement of the interior on the main deck and on the high deck has been slimmed down, favouring more airy and bright spaces, thus emphasizing the livable surfaces and enviable volumes.
The furnishings are refined and elegant although contemporary and for their realization have been selected fine woods with light shades and innovative and environmentally friendly materials; the result is an original conception of the environment highlighted even by generous heights.

If the upper decks are preferred to open spaces, for the sleeping area you have remained faithful to the traditional lay-out, much loved by all owners: a large master cabin at the stern, two guest cabins with double beds in the center of the boat and a Vip area at the bow; the crew cabins, refurbished and expanded, will remain located at the far bow, with independent entrances.

The large study carried out in recent months, by the internal technical office, has led to the choice and adoption of state-of-the-art solutions, so the T108 will also be able to deal with long-haul navigation, without ever touching the ground, avoiding stressful queues in the dock for fuel supply.

The whole project has been taken care of in detail, the aesthetic solutions are innovative and valuable; attention and research to ensure safe navigation even in less favourable marine weather conditions.

This is the T108, a shuttle to live in, which never goes unnoticed and that maintains its distinctive character in its own sobriety.














Technical Data


Length out all 31,80 m
Width 7,14 m
Diving under propellers 1,90 m
Dry displacement 118.000 Kg (tbd)
Full-load displacement 142.000 kg (tbd)
Low consumption speed 8 knots
Cruise speed 12 knots
Maximum speed with standard engines 13 knots
Fuel 18.000 including extra fuel
Payload people 20
Beds 10 +4 crew
Approval CE Class RINA for yacht private use

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